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 Everyone should play music.  It's a universal language that just might bridge some of the divides that we have between us.  I recorded these tunes over the years just for the fun of it.  Most are demo versions rather than polished songs since I am too impatient to go back and polish anything up.  If you enjoy these tunes please let me know at

 m i c h a e l  (at) s k a t e r o c k . c o m
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Pivalicious (video)
Soundtrack the the video Pivalicious.
America Eats It's Young 2007
Allison 1989
Answering Machine Punk 1990
AZPX Theme (Instrumental) 2007
Break-Away Funk 2007
Eleventh Favorite 2007
Empty Your Brain 2006
English Pop 2007
Epic Ride 2007
Fads Will Fade 1989
Got to Find A Way 1990
Happy Sad 2007
Hematoma 2007
Levee Break Beat 2007
Locked Down 1990
Me and My Dog 1991
No War 2008
Perfect Love 1991
Seven Minutes Away From  a Potato 1991
Seven Minutes Away From  a Potato (w/extra butter) 1991
The Long Carve 1991
Waitin' 1990
Weird Driving 1989
You Might Think That I'm Not Home 1989

All works © 2007 Michael Cornelius
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