DraftKings Sportsbook live streaming

If you’ve been searching for some of the most reliable information on the web about the Draftkings live streaming services, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve identified many key features of this product, and detailed our findings below. Simply read on and digest the information when you’re ready.

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Introduction about the bookmaker and their live betting service.

As it currently stands, DraftKings doesn’t have a set live streaming service for sporting events. What they do have, however, is a product known as ‘Draftkings TV’, where presenters who are internal employees of Draftkings discuss upcoming events at length. They go into specifics and analytics for multiple sports such as basketball and football, which can help sports bettors in their upcoming bets.

Live betting Features

As we previously stated, there is no distinct live stream setup as of yet, although the site has proclaimed that this is something that they are trying to implement in the near future. The Draftkings TV platform is available to all members of the Draftkings site, and they are releasing streams discussing events, and videos discussing fantasy sports strategies all the time.

This is a completely free service, and it’s something that sports bettors can access to assist them in their sports betting choices on the platform.

Live betting Review

draftkings sportsbook mobile betting

Although there may be no live streaming service, there is a live betting feature that covers the vast majority of sports that Draftkings provides. You can place in-play bets on sports like tennis, soccer, cricket, football, and even gold. To navigate to these markets, all you must do is click ‘live in-game’, which will instantly open up all of the live markets you can bet on.

These markets are updating constantly, as is the nature of live betting markets, and you can actually get more favorable odds by doing this rather than placing pre-game bets.

How to access the live betting service

To get yourself started with the live betting markets, it’s relatively quick and straightforward. Please see the details below for how to start live betting with Draftkings.

  1. Go to the Draftkings home page and click the register button
  2. Go through the sign-up process, entering details such as full name, address, account name, etc.
  3. Fund your account by using your preferred payment method (minimum is $5)
  4. Click the ‘live in-game’ section
  5. Choose your desired live market, enter your stake, and place your bet

That is quite literally the entire process covered from sign-up to placing your first live bet, and the interface to make your live bets is very user-friendly, so you shouldn’t have a hard time.

DraftKings sign up bonus

New customers can receive a Draftkings sign up bonus after registering, and the total value that you can get from this bonus is $1,000. Let’s take a look at the first part here:

  • Deposit match

When creating your account and making your first deposit, you can get a 20% first deposit match. The maximum value here is $500, meaning that you must deposit $2,500 to get this maximum amount.

  • Risk-free bet

The second part of this bonus is where you can place your first sports bet up to a value of $500. Simply put, you can make your first bet of $500, and Draftkings will give you a free bet of an equivalent value, which can be used across any sport.

User Interface, how it functions?

DraftKings Sportsbook mobile app

We feel that the Draftkings user interface is quite slick and appealing. We love the blend of bright green along with the darker grey in the background, and this makes the site look extremely professional.

In terms of using the actual live TV service, it’s super easy to do. All you need to do is navigate to Draftkings TV, and the window of the live stream will open up for you to view. Alternatively, if you want to watch certain videos, you can just scroll through the list of pre-recorded sessions, and watch them at your leisure.

Which sports are covered?

The Draftkings live stream setup doesn’t cover any specific sport as such. Instead of a streaming service of live sporting events, they serve up a panel of experts who tend to discuss strategies for fantasy sports, but this information can easily be transferred over into making your sports bets.

The presenters of the Draftkings TV platform talk about all kinds of sports, ranging from basketball to soccer, and the analytics that they discuss can and should be applied when browsing through the Draftkings sportsbook markets.

Any special features unique to the Bookmaker

  1. Cash-out

There aren’t too many USA sportsbooks that have this option, which is a credit to the quality of the Draftkings platform. You can cash-out the majority of your bets on the site, of course, depending on whether the bet is going in your favor. To do this, just navigate to ‘my bets’, and look for potential cash-outs.

  1. Fantasy sports contests

This is what shot Draftkings to fame in the first place, and via the main site, you can still head over to fantasy sports contests. This can be done through the same account, so you don’t need to sign up twice.

  1. Flash bet

This applies specifically for in-play bets, and you can bet on minute factors of sports through this product. For example, you can bet on each and every point of a tennis match, and it’s known as a flash bet because you can enter pre-set wager amounts, and enter your bet instantly.

Conclusion – 4/5

We are rewarding the Draftkings Sportsbook with this score for several reasons. Firstly, they do have a solid range of sports to bet on, and they have live betting markets for the majority of events that they cover.

We’ve knocked a point off for a few let-downs, however, primarily being the fact that live streaming actually isn’t available yet. We were also somewhat disappointed in the main odds offered, although they have saved themselves by offering features such as boosted odds to cover this fact.

Once live streaming is readily available, we see no reason that Draftkings won’t receive full marks for their platform!